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New Wood Cook Stoves

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Stove Mica Isinglass


Mica - Isinglass

Oval Stove Pipe










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Wood Cook Stoves


Wood Cook Stoves

Today, restored to their original elegance and efficiency, these grand old Wood Cook Stoves 
are finding new life in country style kitchens, self-sufficient cabins, and weekend retreats. 
 At the dawn of this century, the beautifully ornamented wood and coal range was the heart of the home, and around it revolved the life of the entire family. 


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Home Comfort Wood Cook Stove

 Home Comfort


Price $1,750

Crating $150

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New Wood Cook Stoves

The Kitchen Queen wood Cook Stove

The best full sized Cook Stove

for off Grid, Independent Living

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Margin Stoves


Margin Gem wood cook stove Heating capacity of 1750 square feet or more

Margin Gem 2002 with Reservoir

Wood Cook Stove

Flame view, wood cook stove,Heating capacity of 2,000 square feet or more

2011-B Flame View with Reservoir

Wood Cook Stove

Gem Pac Model 2020-B

Wood Cook Stove

Flame View Heater Model 2015

Wood Cook Stove

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Bakers Oven

Wood Cook Stove

Bakers Oven, Wood Cooking and Heating Stove,bakers oven

The  Bakers Oven Stove is a unique combination cook stove/heater. Designed primarily as a cook stove, the design of the Bakers Oven Wood Cook Stove will also provide plenty of warmth to a large kitchen or living area of around 700-900 sq ft.

The Bakers Oven Stove has been tested to UL 1482, ULC-S627.


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I carry a selection of just plain but serviceable stoves.

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