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O'Keefe & Merritt

Shut-off Safety Valves, Thermostats, Dials, Springs, Parts / New / Used, Thermostat Guides, Service, Information, Instructions ...

Do It Yourself, Full Restoration, How to Manuals

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O'Keefe & Merritt Springs, parts search-send picture, Full Restoration / Services.

*Avoid restocking charge by measuring correctly.

O'Keefe & Merritt

Folding Canopy Top Springs

Brand NEW!

Now you can restore the function of the O'Keefe & Merritt Folding Canopy Top on your classic range and stop it from crashing down forever!


Custom manufactured heavy duty springs replace tired out, snapped or missing old units.


Order your O'Keefe & Merritt

Folding Canopy Top Springs today!

Just $39.50 each + shipping.

(CA residents 7.25% tax.)

Installs in a jiffy!

same spot as the originals ...

directly on back of the range ...

no tools needed!


 Set of 2 Canopy Spring(s) #

O'Keefe & Merritt Knob with Bezel

Bezel and Dial - Sold as a SET


Dial - Sold Seperately.

Bezel - Sold Seperately.


O'Keefe & Merritt 

DIALS - 2 styles

Dial with On/Off Chrome Bezel and 

metal strip in center.


type with CONVEX base shape -"up - like a hill".

SET comes with 2 screws.




Check your style to avoid restocking charge


O'Keefe & Merritt Knob w/o Bezel

Dial Only (fits into Bezel) w/ metal strip in center

No screws - uses a

flat metal 'spring' -not included.

CONCAVE base shape -

"down - like a valley".


Check your style to avoid restocking charge


O'Keefe & Merritt Handle

Whole handle is 14-3/4" edge to edge with chrome corners.


*Avoid restocking charge by 

measuring correctly.

O'Keefe & Merritt 


1. Whole handle(s) or ,

2. Plastic part(s) only or,

3. Chrome corner(s) - with 2 half moon openings ( 1 - 5/8" from

center to center of openings).

Specify - left, right or both.


White plastic part is 10" - edge to edge.


Screw holes are  6" apart -

center to center.


O'Keefe & Merritt Burner Caps

O'Keefe & Merritt 

Burner Caps

Greatly increase simmer burner performance and cosmetic appearance.





O'Keefe & Merritt Vent Covers

O'Keefe & Merritt 

Vent Covers

Outside Dimension:   

6 - 1/8" x 2"  

Fits into opening:  

5 - 5/8" x 1 - 5/8" 

Allows up to 3 screws

(no studs underneath)


Avoid restocking charge by 

measuring correctly.


O'Keefe & Merritt Salt and Pepper Shakers, Drop Ins



SPECIAL Offer 'til sold out... 


Discount price...

Only $69.00 per set!



O'Keefe & Merritt 

Salt & Pepper Shakers (1950's)


Drop-In type, Set(s) of 2 

Have 'S' and 'P' on tops



The Old Road Home magazine ... Featuring O'Keefe & Merritt

The Old Road Home Summer 2001 cover

Summer 2001 - The Old Road Home magazine


Crosley ICY BALL - Feature I 

O'Keefe & Merritt - Feature II shows the most popular models of vintage 1950s O'Keefe & Merritt ranges along with their correct factory model numbers to help correctly identify your 50s O'K&M.  Included in the article are the original prices of several of their biggest selling models. O'Keefe & Merritt fans are in for a fabulous fifties treat. Read about the rest of the issue on the

Back Issues page.    

Click - to go to Back Issues Page - Order Online...

Spring 2000 - The Old Road Home magazine


Main Feature - story and pictures of the founders of The O'Keefe & Merritt company discussing the fascinating company history, plus discusses the name 'Town and Country' and 'Aristocrat'. Read about the rest of the issue on the Back Issues page.

   Click - to go to Back Issues Page - Order Online...

   Click - go to Guides / Cook Book page -

Order yours Online...


Operating Manual and Cookbook

If you are a lucky owner of a classic 50s

O'KEEFE & MERRITT stove, here is a "must have" booklet you cannot afford to be without! Applicable to almost every mid-century O'Keefe & Merritt stove, this beautiful 48 page, easy to understand edition, covers every topic you need to know about this rock-solid range.

Without using any confusing technical jargon, this publication carefully details how to use, maintain, understand and thoroughly enjoy one of the greatest classic stoves ever manufactured.

Also...for your Antique O'Keefe & Merritt Stove:


Various Factory Nomenclature

and Manuals:


Grayson, Lorain (all Models), Bryant, Robertshaw, etc., 

Oven Controls and Safeties

plus ...

How to Repair Manuals

International Register Clocks,

O'Keefe & Merritt, Western-Holly, Wedgewood, Gaffers & Sattler, Roper CLOCKS...USED parts, How to REPAIR.

Oven Doors, plus many more...Do-It-Yourself.




Safety Systems

Safety Valves REBUILT

Oven Controller

 Thermostats REBUILT

USED Parts Search




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 We recommend you hire a qualified, licensed service technician diagnose your stoves problem first as we do not diagnose mechanical problems over the telephone.

All warranties on thermostats or safety valves start from the day the customer receives the order regardless of when the unit is installed.

All sales final - no refund nor replacement on: any thermostat rebuilding orders or thermostat exchanges, custom fabricated safety systems, safety valves, pilot assemblies, minipilots, combination pilot replacements or specific rebuild orders.

 All sales final - no refund nor replacement on rebuilt or new electrical parts or elements due to damage from a malfunctioning appliance that caused the replacement part to arc and burn out.

All stated warranties on thermostats, safety valves or any other equipment start from the day the customer receives the order regardless of when the unit is installed. If the unit is sent in for warranty service the customer is responsible for shipping charges. Warranty service is in effect for the stated period only.


 All sales final on:  PDF files, printed materials and electrical parts, used parts and services.

 Porcelain Enamel Service:  On rare occasions during the porcelain baking process parts can warp. Even after all precautions are taken during the process, this is unavoidable. There is no refund or replacement if this should happen. Consider this carefully before you place an order for porcelain enamel services.


25% Restocking fee will be charged on new parts that have been returned. Shipping is nonrefundable. **All Credits Must Be Used Within 6 months from issue date or they will be void.

No Return if new parts have been damaged or worn. If you order a part without sending in the required e-mail pictures first, there is no refund or exchange.


25% Processing fees will be charged on all cancelled orders.


Refunds for new or used parts must be received within 30 days or no credit will be issued. 25% restocking fee will be charged. Items are subject to inspection before eligible for full or partial refund credit. No credit on any damaged non-useable items. Shipping is non-refundable on all orders unless stated.



We reserve the right to refuse or cancel service or orders to anyone for

any reason not prohibited by law without explanation.


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proceeding with a chargeback.


Not responsible for parts or orders left after 30 days unless previously arranged.

Prices subject to change without notice.


Parts, Service, Information ... Antique Stove Preservation.

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