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Stove Mica Isinglass


Mica - Isinglass

Oval Stove Pipe










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Parlor Stoves


The Victorian Age is reflected in the designs and names of parlor stoves.

These stoves simulate the architecture of castles, Gothic churches, and Italian villas.

They are also lavish and intricate in design.

Made at the height of cast iron technology, such stoves display some of the finest examples of casting known today.

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1870's                    1849                    1844              1845                     1857

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Oak Peninsular

Oak Peninsular Oak Peninsular Oak Peninsular
DSCF0016.jpg (89084 bytes) DSCF0018.jpg (78301 bytes) DSCF0019.jpg (106818 bytes)
DSCF0021.jpg (89017 bytes) DSCF0023.jpg (110144 bytes) 63" High

32" Wide

32" Deep

Oak Peninsular

No 218


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Florence 153

florence 153 florence 153 florence 153 florence 153
Florence 153


67" High

29" Wide

29" Deep



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Wehrle 100

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wherle b.jpg (100900 bytes) Hard Coal

Base Burner

68" High

36" Deep

31" Wide

Wehrle 100 




1865 Ivy
  37" High

24" Wide

18" Deep


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Chattanooga  Stove Co 1870



19" Wide

26" Long

21" High 


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