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When it comes to antique gas stoves, here is all the help 

you will ever need...




Hi, my name is Jack Santoro.  

I am an American Antique Appliance Historian and Editor of "The Old Road Home", a vintage appliance magazine. My specialty is restoring antique stoves.


Since 1973, my company, J.E.S. Enterprises, has restored or refurbished over 17,000 stoves.

If you've read this far, I'd have to guess that you also have an interest in beautiful old ranges.

That leads me to this question...

Would you like to purchase or restore an antique stove like

a real pro?

If so, I have some exciting news just for you.



After 26 years in the antique stove  business, I have experienced and found a solution to most every problem you can think of pertaining to an old stove. The best techniques are compiled into the six books which appear above.


I have authored these books to help people who by need or design wish to restore their own stoves. My first manuals were released in 1994. Since then, thousands of people have located and restored their own ranges and, in doing so, added a real-life story to their family history. Pretty neat stuff ! But it gets even better...


Some of my students enjoyed rebuilding their ranges so much they have since opened their own restoration businesses and are now doing great work for other folks!


 If you are serious about buying and restoring a stove that you can cherish for a lifetime, these are the tools you need.


I promise to save you the frustrating, time consuming and costly mistakes of restoring your first antique stove. Everything you need is included in each manual, plus I offer a *special bonus* that is truly a knock-out. You'll read about at it at the end of this article.


Do you stop dead in your tracks when you a see gorgeous old stove? If so, here are the shop manual reports you need  to successfully purchase, repair and correctly maintain a dynamic range. They will help to bring your dream stove right into your own kitchen. These almost bullet-proof stoves, made so many years ago, will never be manufactured again. 


Better get one for your kitchen soon...the supply is starting to dwindle really fast!





#1 - HOW TO REVIVE THE PORCELAIN FINISH ON YOUR ANTIQUE STOVE - The original finish on your stove is almost always the best coating it will ever have. Over the past 25 years, we have developed a dynamic technique to deep clean, brighten and gently resurface all of the enamel on your range. As a bonus, you will also learn how to eliminate ugly rust and carbon marks and mask scratches, too. For the best possible original appearance, and to save you more money and time than you can imagine, a "must have" is   Manual #1 . (Note: The procedure outlined in this report can be done at home with products available at your regular grocery or hardware store.  Wait until you see the improvement. The luster is breathtaking!

#2 - HOW TO REPAIR CHIPPED PORCELAIN - What could be more detracting to a stoves' appearance than chips or divots in the porcelain finish? If you would like to repair these "accidents", you can! Learn how to mix, match and apply colors and patching material to make a blemish-free finish. It does take time and patience to master the technique, but once you have it "under your thumb" you will be able to repair these divots for as long as you own your range. Latest sources of patching materials included so you can keep your classic stove truly gorgeous forever.

#3 - HOW TO LOCATE AND PURCHASE THE RIGHT VINTAGE STOVE - This is the most important tool anyone could ever own if they wish to purchase a antique range. You cannot make a mistake purchasing a poor range once you absorb this information. Fuel considerations, size and weight factors, finishes, insulations, testing on site, etc. are all covered. If the range does not meet the criteria we set, get ready to leave it in the dust! Also included, over 40 places in almost any county of the USA where you can search for great vintage stoves. Knowing how to "buy right" will ensure that you are getting the best stove for the least amount of money.

#4 - HOW TO RESTORE THE 'BAKELITE' PIECES ON YOUR RANGE - We've designed an exclusive method to restore the original dials, handles, plastic, and salt and pepper shakers on your range to look sensational. Every technique we have created is fully revealed - plus, you will learn the easy way to re-detail all of the numerals and lettering on the each piece you are restoring. The results are absolutely breathtaking!

#5 - HOW TO REPAIR OVEN AND BROILER DOORS - Restore the doors on your classic range right back to the original factory-tight fit using manual #5. Door ailments will affect cooking, the porcelain finish, and other stove functions like a plague. Learn  how to eliminate these problems forever. Your stove will not only cook, but look 100% better too!

#6 - HOW TO DATE AND RESEARCH YOUR ANTIQUE STOVE - How old is your range? Where can you search for information about your stove or the manufacturer? Here's the first manual of it's kind to teach you exactly how to date and research ranges built between the 1940's - 60's. An absolute must when searching for parts, learning about your range, or for buying and selling. (1920's - 30's range help included. )

*Special Bonus - FREE with any Shop Manual Report order, I guarantee up to one full year of free consultation. If you encounter any problems just call, write or e-mail us to receive no-cost professional help. What could be more fair? It's just like having your own tutor!

To order your How To Manuals click here.


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We don't do it! 

 We are not psychic.

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